About Us

The history of Stony Knoll United Methodist Church began in 1887 when the residents of the Flint Hill Community desired to establish a place of worship. They bought the land for $20.00 and with donated materials, they began construction. The deed was recorded in 1888 and worship began that same year. Stony Knoll United Methodist Church is affectionally known as, “the little white church on the hill.”

A lot has happened since that humble beginning. People have come and gone. Buildings have been built, adapted, and upgraded. But the heart of Stony Knoll is what it has always been. This church was planted in this community to serve and share Jesus to people living in Eastern Yadkin County. Stony Knoll has always demonstrated a special desire to help people grow in their life and faith. There has always been a special emphasis on being a family church, sharing God’s love to all who live in the community, and having a generous heart for those in need.

Reaching people, helping them grow in their faith and service to Christ in the world has been the driving force of Stony Knoll for 130 years and counting. 130 years of worship, small groups, mission trips, community engagement, fellowship, hundreds of lay servants equipped to go out and serve the community in the name of Jesus Christ. Come join us and be a part of this loving community as we actively figure out what our next century of mission and ministry will look like.